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Assistant Directors

Paul Barry

features - Metallica Chaos 3D, Underworld Awakening, Final Destination V (3D),

Red Riding Hood, Sucker Punch, Things We Lost In The Fire

television - Breakout Kings (pilot) 

Directors Guild of America, Directors Guild of Canada


Paul Barry is the consummate assistant director. A favorite AD for the Directors, Producers, Cast and Crews he works with, Paul manages to achieve that rare balance of creating an efficient, calm, safe, and enjoyable set while delivering projects on time and on budget. With experience on projects as diverse as I, Robot, Wolverine, and The Shipping News, Paul has worked on some of the biggest features with directors including Zack Snyder, Lasse Hallstrom, Brian De Palma and Oscar winners Gavin Hood and Susanne Bier. Paul has also been on over 400 commercials where he has worked with award winning directors ranging from Sam Bayer to Matthijis van Heijningen and companies including, HSI, MJZ and Smuggler. From the Arctic Circle to jungles in India to coordinating fighter jets over the United Kingdom, Paul has worked in many corners of the globe and across North America. With Canadian citizenship, a US O-1 work visa and a EU passport, Paul is a member of both the DGA (Southern Calif. QL) and DGC, and is available for work worldwide.

Dennis Crow

television - Too Old to Die Young, Graves, Dig, The Mob Doctor

features - The Red Sea Diving Resort, Cliffs of Freedom, War on Everyone, Spare Parts,
    Force of Execution

Directors Guild of America


With over 30 years industry experience (in every major US market plus China, Europe and Africa), Dennis Crow is a seasoned production veteran. Starting his career in NYC, Crow quickly developed strong set etiquette and management skills. He learned early to give everyone, from producer to extra, respect, attention and understanding. His outstanding communication skills are coupled with an ability to schedule projects tightly while also developing solutions when the unexpected occurs. Dennis is well liked by directors and producers who envy his attention to details. Whether working with complex stunts, extremely large groups of people or intimate, fragile scenes, Dennis is always the calm eye of the storm. Based in Albuquerque, NM and Los Angeles,CA, Crow is available for work worldwide. 

Greg Dobbin

commercials - automotive: Honda, Porsche, Lexus, Chevrolet, BMW, Volkswagen, Jeep, Toyota

food & beverage - Absolut Vodka, Bud Light, General Mills, Hershey, Burger King

consumer products - Nike, Brand Jordan, Zales Jewelry, Philips Electronics, Bank of America

Directors Guild of America


Comfortable at 12,000 feet in the Rockies, or aboard a helicopter, insert car or on stage in Los Angeles, Greg Dobbin is a director’s dream. Coolly calm, pleasantly efficient and always on top of the game, Dobbin will provide workable solutions to any problem while saving the producer money and time. Greg has worked worldwide on nearly 600 spots for the biggest companies and clients. He has worked with many international celebrities such as Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Stuart Cink. Based near Vancouver and possessing a US Work Visa, Greg is available for work worldwide. 

Jay Guerra

television - Friends With Benefits, E-Ring; (as 2nd) Last Man Standing, Caroline In The City

features - Laying Down Arms, Bitter Creek, The Rock; (as 2nd) Balls To The Wall, The To-Do List 

Directors Guild of America


A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, and the DGA training program, Jay Guerra is a seasoned Assistant Director. Mentored by the late Newt Arnold, and having assisted directors as varied as Arthur Hiller, William Friedkin, Penelope Spheeris and James Burrows, Guerra has developed a reputation for providing unparalleled commitment to the task at hand, regardless of the scope of the project. He is known for treating every member of the cast and crew with the same level of respect for the individual and the craft they perform. An avid tennis and chess player, Jay lives in San Pedro, CA and is available for work worldwide.

Farand Heydari

features - Frozen Peas, Trouble Sleeping, Happy Birthday!, Tar

television - Marvel Agents of Shield: Double Agent, Four Kings, Loose Screws

commercials - Lexus RX, Mattel, Bandai, Bosch, Coach



Farand Heydari’s roots are in film. His uncle is a distinguished DOP, while his father was both an actor and director. Growing up in the Bay area, Heydari knew early on production was his forte. He attended San Francisco State (obtaining deans list standing) and graduated with a degree in Cinema. Farand brings positive morale and strong leadership to each show. He’s flexible, easy to work with but firm when necessary. His goal is to organize each project not only for maximum efficiency but also maximum freedom for creativity by cast and crew. Problem solving and solutions are his tools, and a main reason directors return to hire him. Based in Los Angeles, Farand is available for work worldwide.


Christopher Landry

features – The Forest, The Keeping Room, Georgia, Mirrors, The Hills Have Eyes 2, Day of Wrath

television – The Hatfields & McCoys, William & Catherine: A Royal Romance 

Directors Guild of America


Christopher began his career at the BBC in London before returning to his native US to worked on numerous studio and independent features. Since then, he has since worked on over one hundred pictures as Line Producer, Second Unit Director and/or A.D. In 2013 he was nominated for a DGA Award as a part of the director’s team of the mini-series Hatfields & McCoys. Christopher is based in Eastern Europe. 

John M. Nelson

features – Flypaper, The Road, Witless Protection, The Passion of the Christ, My First Mister

television – Supergirl, Empire, Survivor's Remorse, House of Lies, Entourage

Directors Guild of America


John Nelson’s DNA is steeped in filmmaking. A third generation DGA member, he’s spent years tuning his craft with projects shot in India, Greece, Israel, Jamaica and the 4 corners of the USA (including Hawaii).  With equal experience in features and TV – a testament to his versatility and knowledge – Nelson runs a calm, confident set. He treats all with respect, communicates fully and stays steps ahead of the DP and director to make each day efficient, productive and enjoyable for all. An avid cyclist, paddle boarder and fly fisherman, John lives in Southern California and is available for work worldwide.

Ian J. Putnam

features - Farmhouse, Lost In Austin, Rubber, The Den, Wrong Cops, Life Partners

television - Bag Boy, Tim and Eric's Bedroom Stories, Fresh Hell 

Directors Guild of America


Ten years of directing theatre in the Pacific Northwest gave Ian J. Putnam the unique insight to become the thriving Assistant Director that he is today. Ian is an artist in the labyrinth that is film scheduling. The odds are always against an AD in keeping a schedule fluid, yet Ian always finds an efficient balance between the creative vision and the budget. Contributing to the creative process is the most inspiring aspect of assistant directing for Ian. Being the sounding board for the creative blueprint and producing an environment where the best work can burgeon is the reward an AD yields for making the day. Based in Los Angeles, Ian J. Putnam is available for hire worldwide.

Lyon Reese

features – Night Stalker, Purple Heart, Laura Smiles, Day Zero
commercials/videos – Reebok, Mini-Cooper, Mervyn's, Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Lil' Romeo, Queens of the Stone Age

Directors Guild of America


Lyon is one of those rare AD’s whose experience is distributed evenly over the different media disciplines. His credits include feature work for Columbia/TriStar and RKO Pictures, commercials for Oil Factory and Stun Creative, and music videos for A Band Apart, DNA, FM Rocks and The Director’s Bureau. Lyon believes in creating a strong structural center for a production to base from, consistently making it a priority to keep heads of department informed, while still providing the Director and DP flexibility needed to make strong aesthetic choices. This system has been especially successful when working with younger, or newer, directors- transitioning into larger budgets and more heavily staffed departments. Reese is an expert with the scenechronize production software. Lyon is feature bonded through Film Finances, holds a current US passport, and is a sucker for locations where he can surf, SCUBA or rock climb after the job wraps.

John M. Tyson

features - Generation Um, Henry's Crime, Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Sideways, Chasing Amy

television - Broad City, Onion News Network, The Confession, The Awful Truth

Directors Guild of America


With a Master of Arts from The London International Film School, membership in the DGA, and an undying love of storytelling John (JT) Tyson is one of the top Assistant Directors working today. From feature films to TV series, music videos and commercials JT is efficient and wildly productive, supporting each member of the crew in accomplishing their best work. John brings an unsurpassed ability to execute a vision from conception to final cut on every project. His multi-faceted experience makes him uniquely qualified to mobilize a team to achieve a unified creative goal. When not racking up frequent flyer miles, JT resides in New York City and Kingston, NY. and is available for work worldwide.


Mark Wallace

television - Good Game, Gotham, The Pet Squad Files, 1000 Ways To Die, Mutant X, La Femme Nikita

features - Vanished 2016, Snow Bride, Death Valley, The Messenger; (2nd unit) Cinderella Man

Directors Guild of America


With over 20 years as a first assistant director on a myriad of budget types and mediums, Mark is universally acclaimed for his calm, organized, safe and inclusive sets. Demonstrated across a multitude of projects, including La Femme Nikita, Cinderella Man, and Gotham, he possesses an innate talent for solving problems and a seasoned dexterity in disentangling complicated schedules. Mark is an LA-based DGA member, experienced in working with kids, animals, and intricate action sequences. He is also a Green Card holding Canadian amenable to working worldwide. Mark is both a director’s close confidante and producer’s best ally, with a documented history of staying under budget, on time, and in full crew harmony.


Stewart A. Young

features - Trade of Innocents, Julia X 3D, Against The Wild, Exit Speed,

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Dracula 2000, Lost and Found

television - Falling Skies, Blue Seduction, Never Cry Werewolf, Inspector Mom, Cold Deck 

Directors Guild of America, Directors Guild of Canada


Stewart Young knew from an early age he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Early stints at acting quickly proved he was more valuable behind the camera, and so Young embarked on learning everything. After a college production degree and a few years at a local TV station, Stewart started his own production company, exposing him to all facets of production. It did not take him long to realize his greatest skills were in organization and scheduling so he moved into the AD department and started to work on long format shows. He was exposed to some of the best and worst A.D.’s working at the time, honing his skills by combining the best from every one he worked with. Stewart’s motto is simple – never yell unless the building is on fire or someone is about to get run over, let professionals do the jobs they are hired to do, do as few unit moves as possible, wrap as early as possible, do as little night shooting as you can get away with and above all else – Have some fun. Stewart splits his time between Toronto and Dallas.