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Keith Coene

features - Crazy Jones, Journey of Redemption, Nicolas, Go Fish; (as upm) Kill Speed, Kalamazoo?

television - The Deadliest Warrior, The States, Secret Bible: Knights of the Templar, John Dillinger: Public Enemy #1



As a Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Logic from UC Irvine, there is no question Keith Coene is a smart guy. Added to this, his M.F.A. from USC in Production has lead to decades long career producing projects while solving problems and saving money. Coene prides himself on a positive attitude and an ability to see all sides of issues. This enables Keith to effectively work with people at all levels of a project and keep a team like atmosphere alive on the set. Fluent in Spanish, based in Los Angeles and available worldwide, Keith Coene is a really good person to have on your team.


Sarah J. Donohue

webisodes – The Walking Dead-Cold Storage, 30 Days of Night-Dust To Dust,

30 Days of Night-Blood Trails

features – Long Time Gone, The Canyon, Archie's Final Project, Sinner, Big Bad Wolf,

Hatchet I & II, Open Window, Guns, Girls & Gambling

Directors Guild of America

Sarah J. Donohue, a classically trained musician, came to film production while still in college. After a stint with ABC Television in New York, Sarah arrived in LA as a production coordinator and her hard work, can-do attitude and people skills quickly came to the attention of independent producers. After 15 features in 4 years, Sarah made the jump to line producer/UPM. Donohue believes one of her most important roles is bridging the gap between the above and below the line personnel and enabling them to function as a team under financial constraints. Bond Company approved, Sarah can work as a local in Boston, New York or Los Angeles and has been on location across the United States.

Byron A. Martin

features - Resident Evil: Afterlife [3D], Wild Cherry, Phantom Punch, Death Race, American Pie presents Beta House, American Pie presents The Naked Mile, Land of the Dead, Save the Last Dance 2, Chronicles of Riddick

television - The Carbonaro Effect, E.M.S., The Devil's Teardrop, Monster Warriors, Partners and Crime, Street Time, Odyssey 5

Directors Guild of Canada


Byron has produced almost 75 hours of television, shooting projects in Canada, the U.S., Israel, China, Honduras, Brazil, India and Panama. In addition, he has over 30 credits as a Location/Unit Manager on projects including X-Men, Driven, Simon Birch and The Ref while working with many prestigious producers such as Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Raffaellla De Laurentiis, Dick Wolf, Laurence Mark, John Singleton, Sam Raimi and Jerry Bruckheimer. Based in Toronto, Byron holds a U.S. Work visa and is available for work worldwide.

Josh Siegel

features - Any Day, Between, Running With Arnold, The Last Letter, Purple Heart

television - 24 (DVD bonus episode), Gutsy Frog, Great Camera Shootout, Fight Science 

Directors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America


Josh Siegel knew at an early age he wanted to make movies. Proactively, he raised money while at Johns Hopkins University to create his first film. Siegel has since gone on to produce more than 20 projects, and budgeted in excess of fifty, with budgets of $250k to $30m. His pleasant personality, wit and ability were key in his appointment as head of production for Hannibal Pictures. Josh intimately knows all the stages of production from development through production, post and distribution. He knows how to make your money appear on screen and where you can cut to save funds. And he can do it all with a smile. A member of both the PGA and the DGA, Josh lives in Los Angeles and is available for work worldwide.


Randy Turrow

features - The Politics of Love, American Primitive, Man In The Chair, Walking Across Egypt, Ted & Venus, Mind Games, Bulletproof

Producers Guild of America / Directors Guild of America


Beginning his career in the ubiquitous ‘mail room’ of International Creative Management (ICM), Randolf ‘Randy’ Turrow has gone on to be recognized by his peers as an outstanding film producer. From producing Adam Sandler’s first feature to MTV’s #1 music videos, Turrow has demonstrated his ability to manage complex projects, stay on budget and maintain a pleasant work environment.  His early work at the visual effects/CGI firm, Shockwave, included projects such as Titanic and Starship Troopers and Turrow learned the technical background necessary to manage effects heavy productions. A creator of forward thinking financing and incentives plans, Turrow has also produced small independent films.  Randy has given heartily to our industry: as a member of the DGA Western Council, Chair of the DGA UPM/AD Mentor Committee, active on the Visual Effects Committee and a previous winner of the DGA’s Council Award for Special Service. He also serves, on the Producers Guild’s FilmUSA Committee. Based in Los Angeles, Randy is available for work worldwide.

Michael R. Williams

features – LBJ, Some Kind of Beautiful, Game of Death, Meet Monica Velour, Vacancy 2,

    Next Day Air, Wassup Rockers, Shackles, Garden State, I Love Your Work, Rhinos

Directors Guild of America 

Having Line-Produced and Production Managed numerous feature films over the past decade, Michael R. Williams has experience in nearly every form of production. His resume includes low budget studio features, independent films, animation and digital media. Williams got his start as an intern at Paramount Pictures after graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film Production. He worked his way up from Production Assistant to Producer, working as a cinematographer, editor and assistant director along the way. During this time, he worked under the tutelage of many old-school producers where Williams learned the ropes of budgeting and scheduling feature films. Michael actually produced his first short film when he was still in high school, winning a state film award his first time out of the gate. Williams has worked with directors such as Adam Goldberg, Zach Braff, John Waters, Larry Clark, Jonas Åkerlund, Abel Ferrara, Don Murphy, Charles Winkler and Alejandro González Iñárritu.