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Make Up, Prosthetic Effects

Dave Elsey

features - Mr. Holmes, X-Men First Class, The Wolfman, Where The Wild Things Are,

   Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, Black Sheep, Mission Impossible 2, First Knight

television - The Wiz, Live! Farscape, Silent Witness

commercials - McDonalds, USPS, Nike, Pirelli Tires, MAC Cosmetics 

Prosthetic & Make Up Effects Designer


From creating fantastical creatures in the TV series Farscape, to plant-wrangling skills in The Little Shop of Horrors, Designer Dave Elsey has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to create memorable characters using make up and animatronics. His work on Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith garnered an Oscar nomination. Collaborating with Rick Baker for The Wolfman, Elsey won the coveted Academy Award (and a Saturn Award). From conceptual designing characters and make up effects through the manufacture and operation of effects and animatronics characters, Dave is able to take the director’s vision successfully to the screen. Based in Los Angeles, with permanent USA residency, Elsey is available for work worldwide. 

John Goodwin

features - To Have and To Hold, The Thing, Poltergeist, Legend, Spaceballs, Death House,

   Men In Black (2nd unit)

television - Whodunnit?, Wake, CSI, Max Monroe, Tag Team, Moonlighting, The Hulk,

   Dark Shadows 

 IATSE local #706


Beauty and Special Effects Makeup 


John Goodwin has over 20 years of experience in make up. Apprenticing at the Universal Studios make-up department, Goodwin also took time to study with the likes of William Tuttle and Bob Schiffer to get a solid foundation in his craft. He went onto work at Stan Winston and Rob Bottin’s shops before opening his own lab. Not only able to create and apply prosthetics, John is fully versed in glamor and character work. Goodwin’s goal is to find the appropriate artistry for the dramatic requirements of director and story. John also is a pleasure to work with, his good-natured attitude and commitment to the project is infectious to both cast and crew. He writes for “Make-up Artist’s Magazine”, and recently completed a 6 disc DVD set on his techniques. Goodwin is available for projects worldwide.

Dean C. Jones

feature - The Neon Demon, A Haunted House 2, The Call, Obsidian Hearts, The Key Man,

    Already Dead

television - Maron, An American Girl: Chrissa Stands, The Shunning, Dar Cheshm-e Baad,

    Frankenfish, Homeland Security 

IATSE local #706, Directors Guild of America


Dean Jones, a two-time Emmy winning (six nominations) artist based in Los Angeles & North Carolina. Known for his detailed, organized and exceptional work Jones is available for work worldwide at most budget levels.

Dominie Till

features - King Kong, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Without A Paddle, Sylvia, Forbidden Island, Stan Talmadge, Miss March

IATSE local #706

Beauty and Special Effects Makeup

Considered one of New Zealand's top make up and hair artists for the past twenty years, Dominie Till now resides in Los Angeles. Her expertise in all areas of makeup, from high fashion to prosthetics, is respected and admired by her peers. She is equally adept in the exacting disciplines of wig and beard making. Dominie’s prosthetics and special effects makeup in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy and King Kong are evident that she is a master of her craft. She has supervised and trained large crews from around the world and has mentored many successful makeup artists. Dominie Till is available for work worldwide.

Kevin Yagher

feature films - The Spiderwick Chronicles, Hulk, Sleepy Hollow, Bride of Chucky, Aeon Flux

television - Bones, Tales From The Crypt, Freddy's Nightmare 

IATSE local #706,  Directors Guild of America

Make Up FX / Make Up Dept. Head


For over 30 years, Kevin Yagher has established himself as an award winning prosthetic and special make up effects creator with credits in film, TV and commercials. From the iconic Freddy Krueger to the terrifying Chucky, Kevin has left his mark with exciting and memorable characters. Having worked for directors as varied as Ang Lee, Tim Burton and John Woo, Yagher knows how to distill the story’s essence into a character design that then comes to life via actors or animatronics. Recently, Kevin completed a 12-season run on Bones in which he created the scarred facial make up for the serial killer, Christopher Pelant, as well as various decomposing victims. Based in Los Angeles, with a full workshop, Kevin is available for work worldwide.