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Marc Cohen

features - The Black Prince, Absent, Primrose Lane, Elephant Sighs

television - Living With People, Ralphie, Wishful Drinking, Friday Night Lights

IATSE Local #700


With a background as an assistant on films such as The Godfather III and Shining Through, Marc Cohen is an editor with deep experience in story, structure and character. He has a passion and enthusiasm for molding characters and story and finding the best pace, rhythm and performance for every project. Cohen is committed to working collaboratively with producers and directors to realize their vision, and is always willing to explore ideas to their fullest. Marc has a strong focus on the dynamics and psychology of story through his work in drama, comedy, thriller, supernatural horror and documentary. Based in Los Angeles, Cohen is available for work worldwide.

Scott Conrad, A.C.E.

features – Crazy On The Outside, The Virgin of Juarez, Meet The Family, Wagons East, Up In Smoke, Rocky
television – Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Heart of Steel, O Pioneers!

A.C.E., AMPAS, IATSE local #700


Scott Conrad, the Oscar™ winning editor, began his career at 20th Century Fox, working his way up from the mailroom. Searching for his niche and learning about the craft of filmmaking, Scott was drawn to film editing. After returning to school at USC’s School of Cinema, Scott leapt at the chance to assist on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He moved from apprentice to assistant editor, thus launching his career as an editor. Shortly after, Scott cut the cult classic A Boy and His Dog and, two years later, his work on Rocky garnered an Academy Award™. A master of his craft for over 30 years, Scott Conrad’s exemplary work in all genres has resulted in numerous awards and accolades from his peers. He holds a current US passport and is available for work worldwide.

Janice Hampton, A.C.E.

features - #Horror, 41, Cabin Fever 2, Ice Princess, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Pump Up The Volume

television - Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight, Law And Order, Jump In! 

A.C.E., AMPAS, IATSE local #700


Janice Hampton, after starting out at a post-production house, has enjoyed a long career working with off beat directors. A close collaboration with cult filmmaker John Waters (Hairspray, Crybaby, Serial Mom, Pecker) has been a highlight. Always about work, never ego, Hampton is razor focused on the storytelling and relationships. With extensive experience in all genres including drama, comedy, action, musicals, horror and documentaries Janice’s goal is to clearly bring the director’s vision to the screen. She is dedicated to reaching the highest expectations for those involved while delivering a finished property for which everyone can be proud. Based in Los Angeles, Janice is available for work worldwide.


David Koeppel

features - All Saints, Rounding Third; (as asst editor) Encino Man, The Milagro Beanfield War

television - Flipping Dixie (pilot), The Unit, The Battle; (as asst. editor) Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek Voyager 

IATSE Local #700


From the time he began making Super-8 movies at age 13, David Koeppel has pursued the craft of editing with singular enthusiasm. After graduating from the U.S.C. School of Cinema, he laid the groundwork for a prolific career by assisting the venerable Dede Allen on the The Milagro Beanfield War, and working on such acclaimed series as Hill Street Blues and L.A. Law. As an editor, David has lent his talents to a diverse range of projects, including feature films, series from Paramount’s long-running Star Trek franchise, and CBS’s primetime drama The Unit, co-produced by David Mamet.  An extensive traveler who speaks German, David’s leisure activities include swimming, classical piano, bird watching, and the ceaseless pursuit of great movies, old and new. Based in Los Angeles, Koeppel is available for work worldwide.


Wesley Lipman

features - Love Never Dies, B.O.H.I.C.A., Fight Spirit Pride, I Am Duran,

     Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed

television - Uncensored with Michael Ware, Survivor, Dancing With the Stars,

     America's Got Talent 

commercials - Adidas, Hotmail, Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, Budweiser, Ford Motor, NHRA 

IATSE Local #700


Wesley Lipman’s career as an editor started at 12 when, using a VHS tape library, he began editing his favorite moments, comedy beats and blockbuster action into montages. His tools were limited with; Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast-Forward, but an itch was scratched and an appetite to cut began. Lipman’s entry into creative storytelling started while working for Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking RSA. Wesley is best known for his creative and exploratory nature, a personable and mindful collaborator - with a talented devotion to some of the edgiest cutting and sound work in the business. Not only do Wesley’s drama skills come in handy for feature films and documentaries, but his commercials background gives him that gritty edge that narrative storytellers could only dream of having in their back pocket. Wes, based in Los Angeles, is available for work worldwide.

Christopher Roth

features - Grandma's House, 100 Degrees Below Zero, Hatchet, Killer Klowns From Outer Space

television - Sharknado 3, Fatal Acquittal, A Perfect Christmas List, Axe Giant, C'mon Man

IATSE Local #700

Editor, VFX Editor, Post Production Supervisor


Christopher Roth has edited nearly 100 feature and TV projects on systems as varied as AVID, Final Cut, Premiere, Kem and Moviola.  His work has been seen in theaters, on home video and on most every cable channel. With extensive experience in post supervision, Roth is able to save producers significant funds by managing the post workflow effectively. Directors enjoy working with Chris for his great collaborative attitude and story telling abilities. Whether it’s a horror picture or a family Christmas fantasy, Roth is able to accentuate performances and timings so important to effective storytelling. Based in Los Angeles, Chris is available for work worldwide.