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Elizabeth Kate Shelton

features - 37, The Education of Charlie Banks, Game 6, Restaurant

television - Homeland, Sneaky Pete, Split The Difference, Napoleon, Now With Bill Moyers 

Costume Designers Guild, local 892 & USA Local 829


Elizabeth Kate Shelton is the third generation working in films. Starting in the era of W.C. Fields, Astaire and Rogers and Citizen Kane all the way to Homeland Season 6. With a BFA in Theatre Design from Purchase College, Liz began as costume shopper for the New York Shakespeare Festival and the Metropolitan Opera. Subsequently, she has worked on film, television, theatre and commercials. As associate or assistant designer on large budget films to designer on lower budgeted ones, Liz has balanced visual characterizations with the necessity of budget demands. Always a part of a creative team, Liz looks forward to each new creative project. Based in NYC, she is available for work worldwide.