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Wesley Lipman

features - Love Never Dies, B.O.H.I.C.A., Fight Spirit Pride, I Am Duran,

     Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed

television - Uncensored with Michael Ware, Survivor, Dancing With the Stars,

     America's Got Talent 

commercials - Adidas, Hotmail, Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, Budweiser, Ford Motor, NHRA 

IATSE Local #700


Wesley Lipman’s career as an editor started at 12 when, using a VHS tape library, he began editing his favorite moments, comedy beats and blockbuster action into montages. His tools were limited with; Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast-Forward, but an itch was scratched and an appetite to cut began. Lipman’s entry into creative storytelling started while working for Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking RSA. Wesley is best known for his creative and exploratory nature, a personable and mindful collaborator - with a talented devotion to some of the edgiest cutting and sound work in the business. Not only do Wesley’s drama skills come in handy for feature films and documentaries, but his commercials background gives him that gritty edge that narrative storytellers could only dream of having in their back pocket. Wes, based in Los Angeles, is available for work worldwide.

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