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Janice Hampton, A.C.E.

features - #Horror, 41, Cabin Fever 2, Ice Princess, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Pump Up The Volume

television - Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight, Law And Order, Jump In! 

A.C.E., AMPAS, IATSE local #700


Janice Hampton, after starting out at a post-production house, has enjoyed a long career working with off beat directors. A close collaboration with cult filmmaker John Waters (Hairspray, Crybaby, Serial Mom, Pecker) has been a highlight. Always about work, never ego, Hampton is razor focused on the storytelling and relationships. With extensive experience in all genres including drama, comedy, action, musicals, horror and documentaries Janice’s goal is to clearly bring the director’s vision to the screen. She is dedicated to reaching the highest expectations for those involved while delivering a finished property for which everyone can be proud. Based in Los Angeles, Janice is available for work worldwide.


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