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Lenka Padysakova

features - Age of Kill, We Still Kill The Old Way, Rise of the Foot Soldier 2, Vendetta, The Crypt

     (as asst CD): Snatched, A Futile & Stupid Gesture, Behold My Heart

television - (as asst CD): Underground, Me, Myself & I, Brown Girls

 Costume Designers Guild, Local #892


Growing up in Slovakia, Lenka Padysakova was fascinated by materials and design and created her first fashions at age twelve. She went on to study historical costume design and scenography, art and fashion design, drawing, pattern making and sewing. This background enables her to design and make the most detailed costumes. Lenka has since worked in Rome, London and Berlin before moving to Los Angeles. Padysakova’s warm, caring personality affects all whom she works with. Editor/Director Nick Carew commented, “Lenka went above and beyond, creating costumes and clothing that truly advanced the film’s plot, its overall message, and my vision as a director.” Lenka holds a US O-1 visa, an EU passport and fluently speaks English, Slovak, Czech, Italian and German.