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Joe Kenworthy, C.A.S.

television - The Middle, Weeds, Brothers & Sisters, Prison Break, Knight Rider (pilot),

Monk, NYPD Blue

features - Gulliver's Travels (LA unit), Crazy People, Flight of the Intruder,

Red Dawn, Uncommon Valor 

AMPAS, ATAS, CAS, IATSE local #695


Joe has eleven Emmy nominations, with four Emmy wins and is native to Los Angeles. He is available for work worldwide with over 35 features and 400 episodes to his credit. He brings vast experience, adaptability, attention to detail with an always-congenial crew ready to provide state-of the art sound mixing. Joe began his career repairing sound equipment at Columbia Pictures before moving into production sound where he can be counted on to deliver whatever post medium requirements in the latest and greatest technology from compact flash to DVD’s with hard drive back up. A cast and crew favorite utilizing the most technologically advanced sound equipment, he prefers to fly under the radar letting the caliber of his work speak for itself, and is asked back season after season providing excellence in sound with a smile.