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Stewart A. Young

features - Trade of Innocents, Julia X 3D, Against The Wild, Exit Speed,

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Dracula 2000, Lost and Found

television - Falling Skies, Blue Seduction, Never Cry Werewolf, Inspector Mom, Cold Deck 

Directors Guild of America, Directors Guild of Canada


Stewart Young knew from an early age he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Early stints at acting quickly proved he was more valuable behind the camera, and so Young embarked on learning everything. After a college production degree and a few years at a local TV station, Stewart started his own production company, exposing him to all facets of production. It did not take him long to realize his greatest skills were in organization and scheduling so he moved into the AD department and started to work on long format shows. He was exposed to some of the best and worst A.D.’s working at the time, honing his skills by combining the best from every one he worked with. Stewart’s motto is simple – never yell unless the building is on fire or someone is about to get run over, let professionals do the jobs they are hired to do, do as few unit moves as possible, wrap as early as possible, do as little night shooting as you can get away with and above all else – Have some fun. Stewart splits his time between Toronto and Dallas.