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John Goodwin

features - To Have and To Hold, The Thing, Poltergeist, Legend, Spaceballs, Death House,

   Men In Black (2nd unit)

television - Whodunnit?, Wake, CSI, Max Monroe, Tag Team, Moonlighting, The Hulk,

   Dark Shadows 

 IATSE local #706


Beauty and Special Effects Makeup 


John Goodwin has over 20 years of experience in make up. Apprenticing at the Universal Studios make-up department, Goodwin also took time to study with the likes of William Tuttle and Bob Schiffer to get a solid foundation in his craft. He went onto work at Stan Winston and Rob Bottin’s shops before opening his own lab. Not only able to create and apply prosthetics, John is fully versed in glamor and character work. Goodwin’s goal is to find the appropriate artistry for the dramatic requirements of director and story. John also is a pleasure to work with, his good-natured attitude and commitment to the project is infectious to both cast and crew. He writes for “Make-up Artist’s Magazine”, and recently completed a 6 disc DVD set on his techniques. Goodwin is available for projects worldwide.