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Production Designers

Katherine Bulovic

features – Down and Distance, Lost Focus, Rice Girl
television – Secret History of Religion, Broken Wings, Paul Merton's Birth of Hollywood


Mountain Film Festival - Best Set Design - The Desperate

Kudos must be given as well for Katherine Bulovic's perfectly attended to production design... - The Last Hurrah

Katherine Bulovic is about creativity, art and their intersection in the filmmaking process. Following her graduation from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bulovic specialized in painting, silk-screening and photography while designing restaurant interiors and commercial promotions. When a chance to design for magician Lance Burton’s Las Vegas production kindled a dormant interest in theatre and film, she enrolled in Columbia College production design program. Katherine has a unique eye for details and the “grand” picture. She excels in period work, as well as present day design. Impressed directors most often ask her, “How did you know or how did you do that?” Producers smile since she gets it done on time and on budget.

Chris Giammalvo

features - The Least Among You, English As A Second Language, Park, Playdate

television - Sequestered, Deadliest Warrior, Crash Test

commercials - McDonald's, Quaker, Kay Jewelers, Sizzler, Papa Johns

videos - Linkin Park, Marilyn Mason, Dashboard Confessionals, Enrique Iglesia 

Art Directors Guild, IATSE 800


Sketching comics, battleships and alien invaders as a child, Chris was always interested in creating new worlds. His visual art was sidetracked for several years as he pursued his other passion, playing music. After several years of making records and touring Chris left that circus and started a career in the film industry in New York. Working his way up in several set shops as a Carpenter, Painter and Decorator he started gaining a reputation and began taking on his own clientele. Crank Yankers and Comedy Central brought Chris to Los Angeles 12 years ago. He has firmly planted his feet in Southern California, heading back to NY occasionally for projects. Chris Giammalvo is a Local 800 Production Designer and Art Director and always interested in taking on new projects and challenges.

Carmen 'Rocio' Gimenez

features -  The Sounding, Iris, Hard Sell, Sunset Park; (as art director) Curvature, Movie #1

commercials - ESPN, Free Form, WWE New York, Chase Bank, Soda Stream, Mastercard 

 IATSE 829


A native of Argentina, Rocio Gimenez has designed six features since relocating to New York City. Gimenez is a hands-on designer, comfortable with pen and paper or 3D digital design, while also managing all aspects of construction. Period pieces are a favorite and her background in both design and cinematography allows Rocio to quickly find the essence of a scene and it’s required setting. She is also experienced in design for stop motion animation projects. Fluent in English, Spanish and basic Italian, Rocio is based in NYC and available for work worldwide. 

Gershon Ginsberg

features – Now and Then; (as AD): Sex Tapes, The Road, S.W.A.T., 8MM, Steel

television –  Smooch, American Heiress, Watch Over Me, Saints & Sinners; (as AD): Criminal Minds, Castle

Art Directors Guild, IATSE 800


Gershon Ginsberg has recently joined ACA.

Kyle Kannenberg

features - Sushi Girl, The Houses October Built, Feels So Good,

television - Holly's Holiday, Blood Relatives, Crazy White Chicks

commercials - Sony, CMT, Mattel, Kohls, Butterfingers 

Art Directors Guild, IATSE 800


Kyle Kannenberg grew up in Las Vegas and earned a degree in Chemistry with honors from UNC, Chapel Hill. Kyle was fully intending on medical school until a Doctor friend pointed out his obvious interest, and encouraged him into the arts. Taking it to heart, Kannenberg built his career in sculpting, photography, architecture and fashion editorial before discovering the perfect culmination of it all; production design. This wide background and experience enables Kyle to discover the essence of the story and bring it to life in the design and palette. He works well with directors and producers enjoy his detail to budget and time. Based in Los Angeles, Kyle is available for work worldwide.


Lindsey Moran

features - Broken Ghost, The Frontier, Fatal Instinct, Bad Milo, Let's Kill Ward's Wife;

     (as art director) The Hunger Games, How To Make Love Like An Englishman

television - First Dates, Schitt's Creek, Corporate, Stable Boy;

     (as art director) Take It All, America's Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars 

commercials - Target, Comcast, Chico's, Callaway, DiGiorno Pizza, Visa, Virgin Mobile 

Art Directors Guild, IATSE 800


Graduating from California Institute of the Arts, Lindsey Moran began her career in live TV with events such as the Academy Awards and the Oprah show. Once she joined the Art Directors Guild, Moran’s focus shifted to features and, at the request of Trigger Street’s Dana Brunetti, Lindsey designed all nine of the company’s shorts (which starred Kevin Spacey, Willem Dafoe and Uma Thurman). Her experience includes big projects (The Hunger Games) and wildly creative indies. Lindsey’s passion rests in focusing on scripted work and the development of character driven design. She aims to mold the story’s requirements with the director’s vision in an exciting, cost effective manner. Based in Los Angeles, Lindsey is available for work worldwide.

James W. Thompson, Jr.

features - High and Outside, Missing Child, Breakout, Deep Gold 3D, Girl With No Number

television - Erasing Hate, Seducing Cindy; (as AD) The Real, The Lion Kings of Las Vegas, Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels  

Art Directors Guild, IATSE 800


James W. Thompson is unlike any production designer you have met. With a Masters in Production Design from AFI and a BA (Cum Laude) in Theatrical Design (and Biology) from SUNY, Thompson is also a member of Mu Iota of Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic fraternity and a Veteran of the US Army. With a background in both TV and features James is passionate about design, and he uses that passion to convey the essence of narrative. He delights in bringing stories to life through careful design and color. Producers quickly learn to expect the exceptional; the one quote we hear often is “I don’t know how he did it!” Plus he is a really nice guy to work with and always a positive force on any set. James is available for work worldwide.