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Script Supervisors

Elisa A. Forni

features - Meet Monica Velour, Shrink, Vacancy 2, Next Day Air, Redline

television - Switched At Birth, Jane By Design, The Event (pilot), Heroes

IATSE local #871


With over eleven years of experience as a script supervisor, Elisa Forni has built a reputation with producers and directors as a true professional with a positive attitude that helps get everyone through the day! With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of how to speak to people without stepping on toes, Elisa is requested for jobs time and time again. Forni is an L.A. native, but always up for going out of town for work.

Pauline Gray

features - Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic, Ava, Frankie and Johnny are Married (add'l 1st unit)

television - Pushing Daisies, Dirt Squirrel, American Family

commercials - Lexus, BMW, Nissan, Apple Computers, American Express, Toyota, Kellogg's

IATSE  local #871

A Brooklyn native (no accent), street smart but set-savvy Pauline Gray is a treasure to have on your team. With twelve years in the business, Pauline’s thorough understanding of what goes on behind and in front of the camera allowed her to seamlessly transition from production to script supervisor. Ever flexible, she works on film, television and commercials, specializing in visual effects. All of Pauline’s work is completed electronically – an asset that draws continuous praise from producers and editors. Pauline has lived in South America and Europe and is available for work worldwide.

Bruce Resnik

features – In A World..., Murder of a Cat, Heavens Fall, Lethal Eviction, Edmond, Red Line
television – Chosen, The Assistant, Even Stevens, Mary’s Christmas, Flight 93, Watch Over Me

IATSE local #871

Bruce Resnik’s attention to detail evolved from his early work as an Equity stage manager of regional and touring theatres. It was here that Bruce perfected his skills and learned how to work with actors and directors. For over eight years Bruce has handled script duties on features, TV and commercials and is highly sought after by directors with whom he has worked. Totally comfortable with computers, he uses his for digital image capture and creates a full digital work flow.  Based in Los Angeles, Bruce is available worldwide.