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Chris Anthony Miller

feature - Jinn, Play The Game, Kiss The Bride, The White Rose, D.E.B.S., Tiptoes, Dirk & Betty

commercial - Toyota, Budweiser, American Express, Visa, Reebok, Yoplait Yogurt

music video - Seal, Dolly Parton, Rupaul, Tony Bennett

Art Directors Guild local #800


When Chris Anthony Miller was beginning architectural school, he pledged: ‘It is my intention to design spaces and buildings that as people use, pass by or occupy causes them to feel better about themselves.’ To this day, he brings this simple yet complex concept to every project. His goal is to create sets that support, contradict or embellish the emotional content of a scene.  Whether it is a built set or a location redress, designing sets that not only work, but also excite and enhance the shooting crew is a rewarding and satisfying experience. Miller’s creative style, can-do attitude and smart solutions are invaluable. Based in Los Angeles, he’s available for work worldwide.